Reflections from the project

We planned to make an app like Jodel but for outdoor sports. One of the given themes for the app was outdoor activities. It was easy to start making the app from that point because Jodel gave good inspiration. Mostly needed features were posting, reading posts pleasantly, categories and commenting. These features were chosen for their importance to make discussion possible. Firstly, I made posting and reading so it can be tested as early as possible. Then commenting and last of those categories. As previously stated in blog posts I was working mostly on the technical side. In my opinion, technical side was the most interesting part of the project.
Important part of projects especially in school is what you learn. I think that I learned much from the project. Team working was useful because when you program an app for team project you have always some testers ready for the app. Also, teamwork is always a needed skill in software. My experience from Firebase was low before the project bu…

Book review

Hello, this is my book review from book Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering. I chose the book because it was about my interest programming. We had to choose one chapter, so I read chapter About Quality because it was most intriguing to me. I also think that it can help me to produce better code. Chapter was divided to three main sections that are Quality, Reliability and Efficiency. Sections are divided to different facts about them.
For example, one fact from book is that “There are errors that most programmers tend to make” (Glass, 2002). That fact is no surprise by any means but it is still important to remember the basics so you do not make mistakes that can be easily avoided. Every programmer should consider this when trying to avoid errors. Writer points out good example that everyone who have been participant of code review remembers moment when someone was like this "oh-oh, it's another one of those (brand-X) errors" (Glass, 2002). Avoiding errors can be …

Some parts of developing the app

Last time I was writing about me and the app. Now I am writing about development of the app. Making a good app will always take time and I have been using a lot of time for the development. There are some common mistakes in development and one of them you shouldn’t try implement whole app without feedback. So, I have done many iterations and our group’s testers Jere and Atte have tested them.
Our first goal for the app was that we can make posts and view them. Achieving it didn’t take long using Firebase. I recommend trying Firebase with a project for everyone because you can try things so fast without implementing the whole backend. In Firestore you can make collections that hold documents. Documents can hold a many kind of data. I think that the best way of saving posts is to make a post class in your code so you can easily save posts and load them. Many would think that then you should add data structure in the post class for saving the comments in post, but that isn’t the case. Doc…

A commenting bug fixed in Blogger

I found that Blogger's embedded comments aren’t working with Chrome specific settings. I'm sorry if you commented on my blog and a comment didn’t appear. I would be very happy if you would comment again because I solved the problem and emailed it to my course leader so she can tell about it to everyone. Same problem has been in every Blogger blog so you should check all the blogs that you have commented on. If you have a blog in Blogger change comments from embedded to another setting and it should fix the problem.
Hopefully this post helped someone, and my next post will not be about my blog’s bug :D
Link to site that helped me sort out the problem

About me and my interesting project

About Me Hello, how are your English skills? If you answered “good”, you are in a good position. I am Jyri, 21-year old student. I am studying information processing science and programming is my interest. I have been interested in computers for as long as I can remember. Nowadays my favorite programming language is Java, but I also like Python and C#. I have been teaching programming for high school and elementary school students for half a year now. It is interesting work and it doesn’t take too much time from studies. When you teach about programming skills you can see a lot about it that you don’t think usually. For example, if someone is making a project that you have never considered of implementing you have to make the overall structure clear to yourself and be able to help with it. Programming isn’t extremely sporty hobby, so it’s good that I also like tennis. Our English course started a few weeks ago and we got task to make a blog. I have watched videos and read in English, s…

First post

Hello, this is my first blog post. I started this blog for my english course. I will be posting more soon.